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Lana Del Rey Announces Album, Fall 2019 US Tour

Lana Del Rey has unfortunately removed her fan-favorite song Cola” from her upcoming L.A. to the Moon” tour. It is during this time frame that her uncle was able to teach her how to play the guitar, eventually coming to the realization that if she really tried, she could probably write tons of songs using just the six chords on the guitar. Halfway through college, Del Rey received a $10,000 record contract, with the money she rented a $400 a month trailer in New Jersey and began her music career. Now Lana has officially announced that the album, the follow up to 2017’s Lust For Life, will be released on 30th August.

20 Inspired by poetry, Del Rey cites Walt Whitman and Allen Ginsberg as instrumental to her songwriting. The video debuted via Del Rey’s Vevo channel on the same date. Following numerous projects including her debut studio album and the unreleased Sirens, Del Rey’s breakthrough came after the viral success of her single “Video Games” in 2011. American singer Lana Del Rey has announced that she would postpone a show in Israel scheduled for Friday, due to to her inability to schedule a show for Palestinian fans, according to Haaretz Israeli daily.

Tickets for the tour will become available to the public on Friday, August 9. Also, each ticket will come with a copy of the album. Yesterday, Lana Del Rey officially announced that her long-awaited album Norman Fucking Rockwell will arrive in full at the end of the month. Del Rey releases her new album, Born to Die (Interscope Records), on Tuesday. While there are rumors going around that Del Rey was actually thinking about retiring form the music business for good, there has been no evidence to back up any such claims at all and ideally, she will be back in the studio working on another album that will surely not disappoint.

With a new album expected to be released this year, Lana Del Rey has shared North American tour dates on her Facebook page. Later that year, at just the age of 19, Del Rey would choose to enroll at the well-known school, Fordham University. Since that album, Del Rey has continued her music success with the release two more Billboard 200 number one records, ‘Ultraviolence’ which was released in 2014, and then again in 2017 with her album ‘Lust for Life’. The highly anticipated album was mainly produced and co-written with Jack Antonoff and will include ‘Venice Bitch,’ ‘Mariners Apartment Complex,’ ‘hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have – but I have it,’ and the cover of Sublime’s ‘Doin’ Time’.

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The title was revealed to be Norman Fing Rockwell and the tracks were recorded since early 2018 to early 2019. Perhaps the arrival of Born to Die will silence the controversy and shift attention to the songs. Lana Del Rey’s partying is fuelled by a knowing sadness, and sung in that laconic, hypnotic voice, which ultimately saves this thoroughly dissolute, feminist nightmare of a record for the romantics among us. It’s frustrating that questions of artificiality still seems to arise when discussing Del Rey’s work, because on stage her sincerity and conviction is undoubtable.

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