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Thank You, Touch Me Again

There is no denying it, people love to be touched. I know it sounds creepy and I also know your probably thinking what the *** does this have to do with conversions.

Let me set the scene:

You have a super cool landing page and you know it converts. So the prospect that is filling out details and getting ready for your gift, bonus or product is already in the mood.

Then they get to a thank you page. Thank you page is pretty much boring. Contains your typical THANK YOU (Boring) text at the top and a link to download content or a receipt.

You may even have stepped away from this and have actually thought about asking people to LIKE your company or connect with you on linkedin. This is a start.

Below is one example of a thank you page being done right:


Phillip Parisis - Thank you touch me again

In the hubspot example above. They do a few things really well.

1)   The download is clear and its easy for you to download.

2)   Clear call to action to SHARE on social media or email. People need direction you direct them to share if not chances are they wont.

3)   Get them talking to your sales team – The offer for FREE demo is clear on the right hand side and the lead is super hot, take advantage of it.

4)   The Icons at the bottom keep them exploring the site and more interesting facts. Time on site builds rapport with clients.

On my last point I mention rapport. Building trust. Reciprocity is one of those social triggers that help visits become life long clients.

So the headline; Thank you, Touch me again is related to this post how? Well when your connecting with people (Yes believe it or not your website visitors are usual PEOPLE) you create certain touch points.

Touch points are usually sources of traffic. For example email, social media, face to face, TV, radio. All these facets are touching people physiologically. Pushing messages across to make them take certain actions.

Your thank you page should be considered a red hot touch point because the person is already engaged in what you have to say. All you need to do is touch them with the right information to point them in the next logical step of your marketing or sales funnel.

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Use Web testing to generate profits and build confidence

Internet marketers and online advertisers need to understand the importance of web testing before taking a plunge into web optimization and setting up advertising campaigns.

Keep it simple

Starting with a campaign that you can control or setting up a simple PPC landing page is a good way to approach the process of web testing. Splitting the test between the control and the test page is highly recommended if you are worried about the results. An 80-20 or 90-10 ratio is considered to be low risk and though these may take more time to accumulate ample data, setting up these pages is the best way to reduce risk while building confidence.

Launching the web testing process

Once you name your test, choose the page that you want to test and decide what it is that you would like the users to do when they reach that page. Testing tools generate codes that tag pages and sections or elements and you can get IT help for this part of the process. Once you enter test variations into your testing tool, you can launch the web testing experiment.

Data analysis

Once the page starts collecting data, you can start analyzing it after a suitable length of time. Check important elements that contribute to the data such as headline for statistically significant differences in variation results. Good and well written headlines are the only way that users decide whether the page has the information that they are looking for or not and it encourages them to engage more seriously with it. Testing page elements is also highly recommended as it can significantly impact conversion rates. Though each element has a different impact on the conversion rate, higher priority should be given to the more important elements. Go section by section and avoid testing too many variables in too many sections at the same time.

Multiple testing options

A/B Test-This is a good test to start with as you test two variations of a variable or just two pages against each other. Large scale changes such as page layouts and designs can be tested to see huge differences faster.

Multipath Multivariate Test-Use this test to see which test combinations of elements across various groups of pages work best. You can also specify more than one conversion goal in a ‘Do Anything Test.’

Linger tests use time as a conversion metric on a page while Click testing targets a specific click or event. The Split-Path Test is ideal for checkouts and other linear conversion funnels and paths as visitor navigation usually follows a non-linear fashion.

Most marketers have no clue about how to test their website, who needs to be consulted for the process, and how web testing contributes to meeting the needs of their customers or how it will affect their website. The goal of any website is to meet the specific needs and requirements of their customers through an online environment that it provides.

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Tips to get more valuable leads into your sales pipeline

Every B2B lead generation campaign is primarily geared towards getting valuable leads into the sales pipeline. Prospects are those who are interested in the product or service that you offer and the sales process involves convincing people who have little or no time to speak with them and convert them into prospects. With most businesses looking at sales calls as unwelcomed interruptions in their already hectic schedules, getting these leads is quite challenging for any sales team.

    1. To be successful, lead generation campaigns must have great offers that help people overcome inertia, moves a prospect to action and along the buying cycle, and most importantly, it imitates the persuasive power of a salesperson.
      • Hard offers could be a free seminar or a free consultation and these require more effort on the respondent’s part and they tend to emphasize the business value. Though these receive fewer responses when compared to soft offer, the leads are more qualified.
      • Soft offers include sweepstakes, free premiums like T-shirts or USB flash drives, and educational pieces like white papers. These offers that require lower commitments combine broad appeal and high perceived value with a low risk of having to talk to a certified sales professional.

There are hard and soft offers that attract profitable customers.

  1. Sales training is all about asking the right questions; these are the ones that lead to sales success and not dead ends. A part of attracting qualified leads is to stop wasting time chasing the wrong leads. To avoid this, the sales team needs to listen to what the contact is saying about their specific needs and requirements. Even if your product or service is awesome and has some amazing features, potential customers who think that the sales representative is not taking the time to listen will just find another person who will. Consultative selling goes a long way in getting more valuable leads into your sales pipeline because buyer needs are always indentified before suggesting products that satisfy those needs.
  2. Creating a leads qualification system is essential for online products and services. It could be as simple as placing ads on Google to target potential customers to creating free ebook or report that can be downloaded only after people answer a few questions. Including links to blog posts that offer more information about the product or service is another great way to generate targeted leads. There are different sales funnel and analytics software that offer valuable information and metrics that enable you to close deals for as many qualified leads as possible.
  3. A sales trainer must conduct training for new and existing sales staff, document it, and also take feedback not only as a part of their professional development but also to share their formula for sales success. This consistent strategy ensures that every certified sales professional is qualifying leads in the same way and having a system in place help a company duplicate their success having shared it with all the members of their sales team.

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Facebook Exchange – Real Time Bidding Comes Alive On Facebook

Facebook Exchange; a real-time bidding ad system where visitors to third-party websites will be shown real-time bid ads related to their web browsing based on their cookie data is currently being tested by Facebook and is to be launched shortly. With a view to improving the specificity of ads and making direct advertising more relevant, these ads will be displayed based on visits to the most recent websites when users return to Facebook. Expected to be a huge revenue generator as big premiums will be paid by advertisers for highly-accurate targeting, Facebook Exchange is currently in the testing phase with eight advertising demand-side platforms (TellApart, Triggit, Turn, DataXu, MediaMath, AppNexus, TheTradeDesk, and AdRol).

So what does this mean in non AD LAND digital marketing language you ask? It means advertisers can use real time bidding to build audience pools outside of facebook then advertise them creative related to the external factors inside facebook. Got it?

Though users will have the option to opt out of Facebook Exchange via third-party demand-side platforms, opting out of the program completely from within the social network is not possible right now. The feature will be rolled out in the next few weeks for traditional Facebook sidebar ads charged at cost-per-thousand-impressions. However, this will neither be extended to mobile nor Sponsored Stories. Facebook Exchange or FBX as referred to internally may also fuel time-sensitive advertising as these ads are delivered to users in real-time during their browsing activity. With this new feature, users may see ads directing them to a live sporting event or a TV show. Though viewed as a hub for institutional or brand advertising, direct marketers have not benefitted from Facebook. This is because when compared to Google where the purchase intent is a lot stronger, users do not focus on making any purchases when they are on Facebook.

The social media juggernaut confirmed that users will not be offered an easy one click option to deny Facebook the ability to target them based on cookies from all DSPs. This is because Facebook has no control over whether DSPs would drop cookies or not, although Facebook alone can decide whether they would like to use these cookies. This is a slightly more aggressive advertising mechanism that they have in place and the goal is to make Facebook Exchange ads the same as any other retargeted ads around the web. The privacy protection in place is also pretty strong as Facebook will not allowing retargeting to be combined with their own ad targeting data.

Estimates suggest that Facebook’s share will grow to 16.8% of the predicted $15.39 billion market in 2012 if Facebook Exchange gains traction. The company already leads the overall display advertising market in the US. The social network’s share of market revenue grew from 11.5% in 2010 to 14% in 2011 which totaled $12.4 billion. This dramatic move from ad targeting based solely on user-entered personal information and interests to both browsing behavior and activity within apps means that users will not see more ads that are not just annoying distractions but are for products that they would actually like to buy and services that are on the lookout for. The combination of demand generation and fulfillment using Facebook Standard Ads and FBX ads will definitely have a positive contribution to the long-term health of the company.

We are on the tester list.. waiting to give it a try 🙂

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The Culture of Working Long Hours Has To Change

Web professionals are well-known for their long working hours and in fact, this has become a culture nowadays. Most web professionals take great pride in their long working hours and talk about it as if it were a badge of honor. They either proudly claim to belong to the category of overworked people or they just love their work so much that they can never get enough of it and continue to work round-the-clock. These arguments and explanations are not plausible, the reason being that they just do not add up and make no sense whatsoever.

The most common reason that we hear from people is their claim of having too much work to do. The bottom line is that there will always be work as long as we have time for it. Working hard is not the best thing to do now; it is all about working smart. For example, a person who writes blogs, record podcasts, speaks at conferences, conducts online seminars, and heads the R&D department of a company sounds like someone who works 24 X 7. The truth is that the person strictly sticks with a regular 8-hour work day by keeping it exactly that way,

Being organized, getting enough rest, and staying motivated help you get a lot more work done in the shortest possible span of time when compared with burning the midnight oil. While there is a temporary thrill or high that you may experience with those occasional all nighters, a careful and closer review clearly proves that these were not your most productive days at work.

Confucius line of immortal wisdom ‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’ definitely holds true today. The fact is that this quote is a wee bit short sighted. For example, web entrepreneurs who have their rags to riches stories to talk about describe the ridiculous number of hours that they put in at work because they simply loved what they did. But, things are slightly different today and staying away from the web maybe more important that spending time on it. Being obsessed about anything spells danger. Spending quality time with friends and family and having a life has made people better web designers and incredible web developers. Work is not the only realm that you need to be conscious about and give your 100% to. People around you can also be incredible sources of inspiration and give you a valuable perspective that you tend to miss out on if you spend your entire time and life working, especially when you are freelancing.

Socializing with people who do not belong to the same industry, having a hobby, etc. are not important only for looking at the concept of work in a different light but also for sound mental and emotional health.

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The Potential Impact of HTML5 on Search Engine Optimization

There has been a lot of discussion about the next major revision of the HTML standard that is still in the pipeline. HTML is also an integral part of all SEO efforts and with the widespread adoption of HTML5; search engines will be able to use a number of new elements to find those page elements that interest them.

Page Segmentation

HTML5 adds new elements to a webpage that results in better expression of the content. Various page elements and different parts of the page like header, footer, and the main content area will be easily distinguishable from each other. This is expected to improve web page segmentation. The elements that are used to organize and segment a page neither add any semantic value nor do they give the page any context. New , , and elements will add more meaning to the webpage, which will allow easy crawling and enhance the efficiency of the indexing processes. Web crawlers are expected to either skip sections like the footer> or or utilize them for varied indexing purposes like finding the name and logo of the website and identifying copyright information.

Search Engine Indexing

The new HTML5 elements will have a direct impact on SEO and make the indexing process advanced and more meaningful.
The element will enable people to indicate webpage content, so search engines can assign more weight to the content within this element.

The element gives sections an information hierarchy that can be analyzed by web crawlers to understand page segmentation and structure. Each section will now have its own HTML heading.
The element indicates the location of the site name and logo of a web page that helps crawlers determine where the primary navigation menus are located.
The element contains copyright information, the terms of use, privacy policies and social media profiles.
The element acts like a sitemap that tells search engine indexing algorithms about the information architecture of your website.

Link Types

HTML5 link types are expected to boost link meaning thorugh new attribute values like rel=”author” and rel=”license that provide better link description. For blog posts that are broken down into many web pages, the rel=”prev” and rel=”next” attributes can be used to link all the pages seamlessly. elements link types that will influence SEO include alternate, author, bookmark, external, help, icon, license, next, nofollow, norefferer, pingback, prefetch, prev, search, sidebar, stylesheet, tag, etc.

Multimedia Elements

New multimedia elements such as and are expected to have increased interoperability with search engines akin to the indexed images displayed through Google Images.Work on HTML5 is still in progress and it is important to understand the potential implications that this new release of the markup language (that enables us to structure content and gives search engines the required context to understand all the information on a webpage) may have on search engine algorithms.

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How to Survive Internet Marketing-II

Always think big. Most of us overestimate our short-term potential and underestimate our long-term capability.

Pitch you website to a friend and convince them in three selling points about why people must buy from you. Go back to your website and check if these hold true. What you are trying to accomplish may be quite different from what appear on your web pages.

Collaborate and partner with noncompeting sites that belong to your vertical. They have access to the market that you are trying to target and you can easily reach your customers, either upstream or downstream.

Technology should free you, not restrict you. Eliminate bottlenecks, automate processes, and delegate the work. Your business should be able to function without you.

Strive for elegant simplicity rather than perfection. You don’t have to be a subject matter expert or an authority on all that you know. Most of us tend to undervalue our skills and knowledge. You need to target people who know less than what you know.

Learn from people, place, and events and keep thinking about your business. Be ready to pitch your business to anyone within 30 seconds through practice and refinement.

Don’t look at every opportunity as a chance of a lifetime. Something or the other will always come up, at least on a monthly basis. Learn to say ‘no’ if the opportunity does not suit your business strategy or personality.

Add value to your thank you page by having an upsell there. This is often wasted online real estate and people miss out on an opportunity to get some real revenue.

Put yourself first whether it is writing a sales copy or contacting a partner. Understand how you and your business will benefit in terms of money, skills, and exposure.

Use the word ‘you’ a lot to address the person who is reading your email or newsletters. Do not use readers, subscribers, and other generic plurals. Always remember that you are addressing just one person in each communication that you send out.

Be aware of each and every business expense, so you can always cut costs and also increase your revenue exponentially.

Always make a note of the projects that you need to work on before you go for a holiday, so you can dive back into work immediately.

Outsource, but don’t micromanage your team. It causes distrust both ways and leads to unnecessary problems. Clearly explain your goals and the results you expect, celebrate success, reward behavior and attitude. Focus on the top performers and don’t waste time on the worst ones.

Opt for a joint venture only if you feel you can’t handle the business on your own. A 50% partnership is not the best bet. Agree to it only of your partner has the skills, the experience, and the prowess that are beyond what you can afford to pay for. Draw up a contract with clearly stated terms and conditions, which can cover even the worst case scenario.

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How to Survive Internet Marketing-I

Key tips to survive and make the most of internet marketing:

Focus on your work to stay productive. Concentrate on what matters and not what breaks your train of thought.

Always make notes when you watch a webinar or a video. Passive watching is not worth your time unless you learn something and can action it.

Take advice from people who have the experience and not the opinions of family and friends unless they have something insightful and invaluable to share with you.

Forget about the number 1 concept for a website, a website, or a traffic source. Think out of the box and consider hypothetical situations like what would be your plan of action if you stopped getting organic traffic.

Be open to the idea of spending money to save time. Whether it’s your team, software, or an ebook, respect your time and control impulsive spending. Understand what is vital to your business every week.

Build more websites, carry out more SEO, attend more networking events, and buy more traffic. Just do more of whatever works as long as you can.

Monitor conversions using Google Analytics instead of focusing on the amount of web traffic. Track your visitors and see exactly what they are looking for every step of the way.

Focus on customer retention strategies too. Getting new clients spells growth, but also make sure that you deliver value to your existing clients, cross selling and up selling.

Confront people when required if there is a problem, even it is someone that you share a good business relationship with.

Don’t fear failure because the best stuff always exists outside your comfort zone.

Get to know your niche because the winning combination of knowledge and passion will see you through the unavoidable tough times too.

Adopt and implement the best practices from other business and IM.

Don’t waste time on comprehensive and long-term financial forecasts because planning is always guesswork.

Use the telephone in a smart and intelligent way to drive sales and build relationships. Start-ups need all the new clients that they can get. Meet your clients instead of sitting behind the commuter the entire day.

Read up on stuff as much as you can. Your brain is your biggest asset that needs the highest investment.

Survey your customer and get to know the problems that need to be fixed. Sales copies draw testimonials and also present real opportunities for the business to get better.

Execution is all that matters when compared with ideas and taking the initiative. Stick with a deadline and ensure that you always meet targets.

Adopt the 80/20 principle on a weekly basis when it comes to refining your business and think strategy.

Spin selling makes it easy to move forward. Design your website, so you identify the problem and fix it. Remember that people love buying, not being sold to.

There is a thin line between perfectionists and procrastinators. Stick with getting things done well today that great tomorrow.

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Persuasion Devices to Include In Your Sales Copy

The realm of sales is all about enticing prospects, interested customers, and potential clients to try out your products and services. There are a number of tips and techniques to ensure that your sales page maximizes your ROI (Return on Investment).

Think About the Desired Outcome

If you take a look at the products and services that are doing really well today, you will notice that they offer amazing and numerous benefits that help them draw ample user attention. You need to think about the end goal of your offering and what it would mean to the customers and the market when you launch the service or the product. Think and speak about the desired outcome that you want it to have.

Making Mistakes

Mistakes are always the stepping stones to long-lasting success. It is okay of you make mistakes and let other people know that it is fine if they make mistakes as long as they learn something from it. To err is human and when you take the pressure off them, that is when you can establish that rapport and bond, and connect with them really well. A simple line ‘It is not your fault, do not worry’ goes a long way.

Keep Fear at Bay

There is absolutely no room for fear in a business venture that is targeted towards success. Give people a chance and also the space to forget all barriers for a bit and allow them to lower their guard. Addressing all their concerns, comforting them as and when required, and understanding their fears is the best way to ensure that you create a safe, innovative, and high-performance work environment.
Being authoritative is not about instilling fear. It is all about being smart, active, intelligent and knowledgeable. People love figures of authority. For example, people who write plenty of forum posts, have a busy blog, an itinerary of speaking engagements, or write a book will always be respected and this always helps.

Battle It Out

The best time to get people over to your side is when you face a common enemy. It is just like in the movies where all the good guys get together to bead the bad guys. It has always been the good versus Satan and this will never change. Work with your team to beat a client’s uncertainty and apprehension when it comes to signing up for your services or purchasing a product.

Social Testimonials

Just like customer testimonials are vital for a product or service, you can also sell yourself, your skills, and your knowledge to people through endorsements; they always sell. When a number of sources have good things to say about you, it increases your brand value and establishes that factor of trust and quality.

Staying committed, focused, keeping it real, reciprocating, and confirming suspicions go a long way in the realm of online marketing. You need to adopt a well-executed and professional approach to boost sales figures and conversion rates.

Encourage Dreams

Talk about the desired outcomes. What are the great goals people cherish and hold dear. What are the amazing benefits your product or service will eable?

Justify Failures

Let people know it ok to make mistakes. We all do it – it is human. By taking this pressure off them they will warm to you . A popular line is: ‘Have you made this mistake?” “It is NOT your fault….”

Allay Fears

Tell people they have nothing to worry about. Let them lower the guard and drop the barrriers. Comfort them and help them understand that the enviroment you are worksing within is a safe place.

Confirm Suspicions

Tell peopel it is natural to be sceptical. We all are. If they were not a little concerned then that would be unatural. Help them see that this normal reaction is ok and that you can help them where others can’t.

Fight the common enemy

People will side with you if you help them take on a common enemy. If you help them beat the ‘bad guy’ you can win together. Think about religion – it is the good guys versus the devil. Or health – the good guys versus ‘death’ etc… Help your client beat the enemy.



People look up to people who are authority figures. if you have abook you are an authority. Lots of forum posts, a busy blog etc… speaking engagements etc… These all help.

Social Proof

If a lot of other people say nice things about you then it is very powerful. You want to get testimonials. Endorsements sell.

Consistency and Commitment

If people can say they will do something they are more likeley to follow through. If you do what you say then you will build trust in others. be consistent in emails.


People follow people they like. if you are likeable you will sell more. fact!


If you do something for someone (even give them something small for free) they will feel a need to repay the favor in kind. try it! Give something away on your site and watch the result.

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Beating the Competition as a Clickbank PPC Affiliate Marketer

With the number of new competitors entering the tough and constantly evolving game of Clickbank affiliate marketing each day, making good profits has become increasingly difficult.

There are innumerable courses that are currently available on PPC and affiliate marketing. They are primarily designed to educate and inform people about the underlying concepts using the Clickbank marketplace. With the entry of new people into the market, there is a proportionate increase in the costs of PPC and this reduces the profit margins. The recent round of affiliate training has enabled scores of new players to make their foray into the market.

The fact of the matter is that there are a few affiliate marketers who access all the important information to make the most of it. This adds to the already existing critical mass of the overall increase in the levels of competition akin to a ‘gold rush.’ The day is not too far away when even a local banker will be able to connect with ‘Clickbank’ stamped on your bank check.
With an increase in the costs of driving traffic, the only way to break even is by increasing the conversion rate to make profits. Statistics indicate that improving a pre-sell landing page by 2% can double your profits and this is the key going forward. Better conversion rates directly translate into staying ahead of the competition.

The best way is to learn from one’s own mistakes and the smarter way is to learn from the mistakes that others make. People who have tried their luck in this realm and lost everything are the best teachers and resources that you can learn from. Affiliate marketers whose advertising campaigns did not see the light of the day know the best ways to cut costs, decrease losses, and maximize profits from PPC affiliate marketing.

There are a few techniques that go a long way in choosing winning products. Learning techniques that result in high conversion by combining the best products with high-traffic and great keywords and winning landing pages is the way to go. This is how campaigns that get double digit CTR figures are created using high conversion rates tips and techniques.

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