Details of the work has a special working team and it was from him will depend on whether there is a chance to end the war US-EU trade, or can only talk about the fact that no further escalation of the będzie.zobacz: KE: Trump’s meeting with Juncker’s success » steel and aluminum – no sprawyCo American duties mean for Polish economy? On this theme bent experts state Institute for Market Consumption and Business Cycles (IBRKiK), which will soon be transformed into Polish Economic Institute. DGP familiar with the report, “Losses in the Polish trade war as a result of the US-EU trade.” As the authors point out, the United States is at the end of our top ten trading partners. In the period January-May was our ninth export market, which sold goods worth $ 3 billion. At the same time our imports had a value of $ 3.4 billion, which gave the Americans eighth lokatę.Nałożenie duties – 25 percent. on imports of steel and steel products to the United States from the European Union and 10 percent. in the case of aluminum and aluminum products – will have a negligible effect on the Polish exported to the USA. IBRKiK The study calculated that the annual tariff associated with the steel will reduce our sales overseas only approx. 5 million dollars, and in the case of aluminum only about $ 2 million, which would correspond to 0.09 per cent. and 0.03 percent. of exports in 2017. “Compared to many EU countries the share of steel and steel products and aluminum and aluminum products in Polish exports to the US is small. Steel and steel products accounted for in 2017. Only 2.1 percent. Polish exports to the USA, and aluminum and aluminum products – 0.7 percent. “- the report says the institute. The authors also point out that do my programming homework for me a relatively large part of the Polish steel and aluminum exports to the United States are not covered by the imposition of the duty products. Tariff for raw materials hit a low degree of processing, which accounted for only 0.2 percent. of our sales to USA.Motoryzacyjna niepewnośćTo, which has not been resolved at the meeting Trump – Juncker, increase in tariffs is a matter for the sale of European cars to the US. Already after the meeting of the two leaders of the US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced that the American president wants to still issues were analyzed duties on imported cars. Here, however, a blow to the Polish economy is still not particularly severe, although stronger than in the case of steel and aluminium.Gdyby accordance with the original plans, the Americans took 25 percent. duty to their country of imported products of the automotive industry, our industry directly lose annually approx. 115 million US dollars, according to calculations by IBRKiK correspond to 0.5 per cent. decline in automotive exports across the EU. The duties for this group of goods is a problem more varied for the other countries in our region, because the production car has a much greater importance for the economy of Slovakia and Hungary. Institute experts have calculated what drop in exports can be expected if the ceasefire on the front of the automobile will not last too long. “In nominal terms, at least on that account lose Poland and the Czech Republic (respectively, 179.8 million and 226.1 million dollars a year). Almost four times more than Poland would lose Hungary (680.5 million) and almost twice more – Slovakia (328.8 million dollars), “- the report says. Although we do not sell directly to the ocean too many products of the automotive industry, the indirect impact of our production would be no more significant. Experts of the Institute emphasize that here, unlike the exports would suffer the most severe consequences of Poland and the Czech Republic. Why? Because our participation and our southern neighbors in the global value chains of the automotive industry in other EU countries is higher than in Hungary or Slovakia. Source: Official Legal Newspaper armistice on duty on cars has been particularly well received in Germany, because it is for the economy of our western neighbor would be most acute blow worth 11.4 billion dollars. Trump strongly protectionist policy overrule the UK ($ 3.6 billion) and Italy (2.2 billion dollars). In total, EU industry on higher tariffs would lose more than $ 21 billion. We should not be particularly worried about the duties imposed on goods imported by the United States over the Vistula River. “In a year the value of imports of goods lined on additional duties could be reduced by 50 million dollars. This will correspond to 1.2 percent. Polish imports from the US in 2017. “- experts estimate IBRKiK.Chińczycy still radarzeRozpoczęta temporarily postponed and the US trade war – the EU does not mean that Donald Trump intends to bury the hatchet in relations with China. This was confirmed by his economic adviser Larry Kudlow, which, according to Juncker, promised to support the United States on the front of the fight against unfair practices in China. – US and EU will unite in the fight against China, which corrupted the world trading system – Kudlow said in an interview with Fox Business Network.USA and the EU will unite in the fight against China, which spoiled the trade How do “FAZ”, “quarrel between the world’s largest economies on trade escalates,” the experts “warn of its consequences for Germany.” “Germany will be one of the biggest losers of the trade war, even in the case if it will be mainly between China and the US” – newspaper quotes the head of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) Marcel Fratzscher. According to him “the German economic model is highly dependent on global free trade.” He noted Fratzscher, trade war touches German export-oriented companies, and in the short term will lead, among others, fluctuations cen.zobacz also: EU: PM calls for Trump to return to the talks ws. Trade »” FAZ “also quotes the head of the Institute of World Economy in Kiel Dennis Snower, who believes that the uncertainty caused by the trade in conflict can lead to the fact that “companies from around the world refrain from investments.” In his opinion, this may result in the collapse of the global economy. “Unexpectedly flowing from Washington calming signals” – notes, however, “FAZ”. Official describes comment adviser to the US President. Larry Kudlow for economic Fox News that the US plans to impose tariffs on Chinese products are “preliminary proposals”. It also notes the Ambassador of China in the US Cuia Tiankai, Beijing prefer that solution is trade dispute with Washington through negotiations, but “takes two to tango.” See also: trade war with Europe. Trump found himself such a conflict in which they feel safe »On Wednesday, Chinese ministries of finance and commerce announced that Beijing intends to introduce a 25 percent retaliatory tariffs on US products 106. The list was, among others, soybeans, cars and chemicals. Announcement of the list is a reaction to the publication of a list of more than 1,300 Chinese products, which Washington intends to charge the 25-percentage duties to punish Beijing for the theft of intellectual property of American companies. The Chinese authorities deny the allegations and condemn the US tariffs. Planned punitive tariffs the US and Chinese retaliatory tariffs is part of the growing trade tensions between the two biggest economies in the world. Earlier, US President Donald Trump introduced tariffs on steel and aluminum, of which China is not disabled. Beijing responded by 128 US duties on goods whose import to China is estimated at 2.75 billion USD annually. Last Friday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during a meeting with the protesters in Parliament proposed a new form of support for people with disabilities through the creation of a special fund for the disabled, which would be supplied with additional taxation of top earners. To the idea of ​​the head of government he referred in an interview with PAP head of PKN Orlen, in which the tax assessment is a “normal thing”. “If we are a nation that has a big heart, which helps each other, I think – if you look at it soberly, and not on the basis of political sarcasm – it is modern patriotism” – said Obajtek. He noted, however, that additional tax must have “certain proportions.” “It can not be so that these people do not continue to invest” – pointed. “This tax is small, people earning the most will be able to easily carry it,” – said the head of the company Plock. Parents and carers of disabled persons and their dependents who are protesting in the Parliament since April 18, demanding the implementation of the two main demands. The first is putting the additive rehabilitation for the disabled, incapable of independent existence after 18 years in the amount of PLN 500 per month with no income criterion; add-on would not be included in the income of a disabled person. The second is to raise the level of social pension equal to the lowest disability pension for total incapacity for work. The agreement, which the government concluded Tuesday with a community of people with disabilities, among others saved from June to raise the social pension to a level equal to the lowest disability pension for total incapacity for work, that is, to 1,029.80 zł, indexed annually, plus the availability of the program with special emphasis on people with disabilities. It also contains a commitment to the introduction and implementation from 1 July 2018. Coordinated care for people with disabilities with special needs rehabilitation. Protesters in the Parliament, however, rejected the offer of signing the agreement, stressing that presented their key messages is “inseparable”. They said, however, that do not know the person or organization signatory to an agreement with the government. On Wednesday morning, protesters in Parliament spoke at a closed meeting with the head of MRPiPS. They presented the compromise proposal, which provides for the modification of their demands. They proposed a gradual introduction of the proposed addition to their disabilities – first in the amount of 300 zł per month, from January 2019. – 400 zł and from June 2019. – 500 zł. They also want to the height of the social pension has been razed to the minimum disability pension for total incapacity for work since May of this year. After the meeting, protesters estimated that “there is hope” for agreement and pointed out that they expect the government’s decision. A few hours later, the head of MRPiPS, during a conference at the Center for Social Partnership “Dialogue” among others, said that the proposal environments protesters in Parliament “is not different from the previous, only slightly modified,” and the realization of all demands “further różnicowałaby situation of persons with disabilities” . On Thursday, the government adopted a plan according to which the social pension will increase to the amount of 1029.80 zł, which is the lowest level of pensions for total incapacity for work. The new regulations have come into force on 1 September 2018. With effect from 1 June 2018. (PAP) by Raphael Białkowski Wojciech Krzyczkowski editor: Dorothy Skrobisz Parents and carers of disabled people protesting in Parliament along with their charges from 18 April. Head of the Prime Minister said on Sunday aired on Polsat News that the proposals put forward at this stage the government “meet all the demands of the protesters.” He recalled that it has already adopted a bill to increase the social pension, and the Parliament will deal with it at the next meeting. In turn, thanks to the latest government proposals – by Dworczyk – disabled people will be able to receive rehabilitation services not only, but also a number of medications, hygienic materials, etc. “- named point of the project, presented the protesters on Friday, during the next meeting with Minister RPiPS spokeswoman Elizabeth and Rafalska Joanna Kopcińska government. the solution is designed to ensure disabled approx. 520 zł monthly savings from expenditure on medical devices and rehabilitation. the draft proposes, among others, the abolition of the periods of use and restrictions on the number of issued medical devices (eg. Wheelchair access and napkin-pants). Dworczyk When asked why disabled people can not get 500 zł in hard cash, he said, that parents with disabilities have turned to “very specific demands,” and the government “made a proposal that fulfills these demands.” in his opinion, “this postulate Friday s ut he changed. “” We heard that it is a real cash – here a quote from Mrs. denouncing the camera “- dodał.zobacz also President on negotiations with the protesters in Parliament: Government will try and really offered a lot» “The difference is . so that these new, additional opportunities that we create for people with disabilities will also be more quantifiable and this form will ensure that there will be different kinds of abuse, through which a person just like parents who protest in the parliament and other people with disabilities, would be affected “- said the head of the Chancellery.” It could be situations in which these measures would be granted to persons who do not need such support. The idea is to help ended up really in need, “- he stressed. Inquired about whether this is the final proposal, Dworczyk noted that the government is open to dialogue, but in his opinion, the situation changed on Friday when they heard” changed the demand. ” “Until the middle of May to present a road map for legislative changes” – he said, adding that he is not yet able to answer the question of what it will. “This is not our last proposal for the disabled community, with varying degrees of disability. In contrast, today we talk about the specific issues that are presented parents protesting in parliament, “- he added Dworczyk. Head of Chancellery appealed also to parliamentary protest ws. Disabled not politicize, which – in his opinion – the case today.” If I see during a protest in front of the Sejm Mr. Kiev (Matthew b. the leader CODE) if you Zandberg (Adrian Party leader Together) and I hear what they say and hear what is also exerted pressure on the environment disabled persons, it is hard to resist the impression that it was some people take advantage of this situation instrumentally “- said Dworczyk. the” conscious “and cynical politicization” of protest is also confident presidential adviser prof. Andrew Zybertowicz. “If I see people among the protesters who participated in the marches of black (…) I do not believe in the sincerity of this empathy demonstrowanej front of the cameras” – said on the air Zybertowicz Polsat News. Presidential adviser also said that the president Andrzej Duda “from the beginning of this case to be very interested and felt some – surprising for him – return of the attitude of the protesters, who disappointed him.” Sejm protest parents and carers of persons with disabilities takes 12 days. They are demanding the implementation of the two main demands.