3 Ways To Score Big With 2014 World Cup Marketing

Brazil World Cup Girls

Ole ole ole ole not long now and the world will be captivated by the biggest sporting event which is held periodically every four years.

It’s a month of broken sleep, fingernails bitten back to bloody skin and office rivalries taking a turn for the worse as HR managers cringe.

For your business this is the perfect opportunity to get savvy with your marketing and treat the World Cup just like you would treat Christmas.

The opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and make some money…

According to Sabina Heuss, FIFA’s group leader of marketing, communication and research, “the World Cup represents one of the most effective global marketing platforms for reaching out to the consumer.”

Have no idea about soccer/football and don’t even care?

No problem you don’t need to know anything about the sport to engage with your clients you just need the excuse to get in contact.

Here are three tips to help you form your game strategy:

1. Get social with fans

Liverpool FC Facebook Page

No matter where your customers are in the world. Social media will be the easiest and quickest way to create conversations and engagement with your posse.

A communication plan that will work with any scenario is highly recommended. You can celebrate wins with discounts, tweet or post something when your team scores. Drown the sorrows and feel the pain when you are defeated.

It’s all about humanising your company and brand, becoming just another mate on their side at the pub or at home with mates.

2. Join the PARTY!

Nobody wants to walk into a fancy dress party without being dressed accordingly right? Well the same goes with your brand. Talk to your web developer about some easy ideas to add some of the World Cup spirit to your site.

Even your cover images on Facebook can get a little spruced up for that national spirit.

FIFA’s tagline for the World Cup is ‘All in one rhythm’. That perfectly suits the Brazilian drums and the RIO carnival vibe. If you have On-Hold music give it a break over the World Cup and add some Brazilian drums:

Don’t forget to tell your fans to give you a call to check it out…

3. Flash if you have to

Brazil World Cup Girls

Hang on,

Keep your clothes on for this one… No matter what you’re selling the whole point of brand and engagement is getting the message out there to your audience and customers.

The World Cup 2014 is the perfect excuse to run flash sales! Leading up to, during and after (the hang over) sale.

Looking for some inspiration and content to curate for the World Cup 2014? Hope onto FIFA’s World Cup 2014 Facebook page here – https://www.facebook.com/fifaworldcup

Have your own strategy? Leave a comment below and let us know.