5 Unique Ways To Create An Information Product On A Budget

One of the hurdles to the passive income model for some entrepreneurs is the potential expense and time-consuming nature of product creation. It can take a lot of time and money to create an information product, however, there are some fun, interesting and creative ways to create a valuable information product for next to nothing.

#1  Record an interview with an expert or two and sell the audio as an information product. You can have it transcribed for added value.

#2  Ask 10 industry experts to write a how to article or a tips article in exchange for the ability to promote their products or services in your information product. You don’t have to spend valuable time or money creating a product, you’re having the experts create one for you, for free.

#3 Host a webinar. Record and transcribe the webinar and sell it as an information product.

#4  Gather content you’ve already written. Reorganize and repurpose your content to create a course, a book or even and audio or video product from your already created material.

#5  PLR. Use private label rights material to create an information product. PLR comes in article, eBook and report format, it also comes in audio and video format too. You can use this material and repurpose it to fit your needs, rebrand it to represent your company, and sell it as an information product.

Creating an information product doesn’t have to take months or years and it doesn’t have to drain your bank account. You can create valuable and profitable information products quickly and cheaply, it just takes a little bit of planning and creativity

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