David Jones Online: Fixing Australia’s Big Online Retailers – One Retailer at a Time

miranda kerr not able to use David Jones Website
miranda kerr not able to use David Jones Website

You may have heard… Ecommerce sites for big retailers in Australia generally suck. When I say suck I mean big time. It’s like they throw a site together using corporate branding and say FU online customers you know who we are you better buy or your missing out.

We know better. We know Australians are more savvy and sometimes more security conscious for online purchases than the rest of the world. I mean many of us have shopped Amazon once or twice. Even our credit card has been riddled with ASOS charges every now and then.

So why are the Australian retailers treating us like chumps? Didn’t they learn anything from ‘Click Frenzy’ can’t they see that people want to buy and sometimes can’t when something has been so ramped up with so much marking and PR hype?

This article will make the agencies or in house teams responsible for miserable ecommerce experiences shiver. I’ll expect hate email but that’s just me.

So what are the big Australian retailers doing wrong and why are they not winning our trust as buying connoisseurs. From a marketing and conversions rate optimisation points of view (and of course mine).

David Jones –  (DJ’s)


Once had Miranda Kerr as an ambassador and was one of the pinnacle mega stores in the Australian market.

Miranda may have tried to buy online at shop.davidjones.com.au but decided not to for possible reasons I have listed below.

1. Use the top header bar like a boss!

Look at any site… the header is the header is the header. The most important and expensive virtual real estate on a website and ecommerce site.

This example shows David Jones and the branding police not using the space correctly.

David Jones Header Missing Some Key Information

2. Did someone forget the Add to cart button?

Now in this example has variables that need to be selected like size, colours etc. But why are we not giving the visitor a chance to buy direct of the product page without needed to pick the variables first.

Through heat map tracking and videos  I have personally found 15% of products are ‘ADD TO CART’ from the product page.

David Jones Store Missing Add to Cart

3.  Where did my shopping cart go?

Above the fold or it won’t get sold… is one of my favorite sayings… I have a whole chapter on it in my e-book 14 Ecommerce Hacks to Double Profits.

Below is what David Jones are using as a Shopping Cart page that is suppose to move people from Shopping Cart/Bag page to the final checkout process.

The only problem is… The CHECKOUT SECURELY button, is about two pages down. That’s right, two pages. This is a massive NO NO. You are wasting visitor’s time looking for how to pay you, this will lead to massive drop offs in conversions.

The red border is the first page (Above the fold).

David Jones Online Store shopping cart madness

To conclude I just want to say I don’t have anything against David Jones or the marketing team or the agencies involved in its creation and innovation. Actually, quite the opposite.

I want online retail to succeed in Australia. I don’t always liked to be dragged through large department stores by my fiancé when I know I can easily be doing this online.

David Jones call me… maybe? Hehe

What do you think about online retail in Australia? Do you agree or disagree with my short audit above? Leave a comment below