Measure Your Brand’s Online Visibility with Vrank

Vrank is a free online social media analytics tool that summarizes all the metrics associated with online visibility like mentions of social media, social media activity, media coverage, search engine results, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance, etc. into one single and simple as well as dynamic score that clearly reflects a brands visibility online. Launched by PressKing, a PR management web service that primarily focuses on the importance of ROI estimation and measurement for PR campaigns and other activities associated with social media, Vrank is an all-new indicator of the online visibility of a brand.

The Vrank score lies in the range of 0 to 1000 and is applicable to brands of all sizes and types across the board. This score is dynamic because the results evolve over a period of time and the scores are refreshed on a periodic basic. All you need to do is enter the URL of your website or blog or your Twitter and Facebook accounts at to view your online visibility statistics and Vrank score. This kind of real-time data ensures that online entrepreneurs, marketers, social media managers, and advertisers always get an accurate picture of where their brand stands, in terms of online visibility at any given point in time. This unique and simple tool searches Google, Alexa as well as the primary social media and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to come up with a complete and detailed report on online visibility. The report also contains the total number of Twitter followers, Facebook fans, blog mentions and audience that is directly determined based on the number of subscribers to the blog’s RSS feeds. It includes detailed indicators and a range of metrics along with related advice and recommendations on score improvement. Though the advice is pretty basic, it is a good point to start improving brand visibility.

Additional details and information like the number of indexed pages a specific website has and the number of Google and Google News results returned with the brand name included in them, the number of times a specific domain was indexed by Google, the website’s Alexa rank and Google’s PageRank as well as online backlinks to the web site are also mentioned. The metrics and figures displayed are accurate and can be employed to create a comprehensive and detailed client and campaign management dashboard. Vrank is a great way to measure online visibility and is an effective motivating factor to enhance it too.