Thank You, Touch Me Again

There is no denying it, people love to be touched. I know it sounds creepy and I also know your probably thinking what the *** does this have to do with conversions.

Let me set the scene:

You have a super cool landing page and you know it converts. So the prospect that is filling out details and getting ready for your gift, bonus or product is already in the mood.

Then they get to a thank you page. Thank you page is pretty much boring. Contains your typical THANK YOU (Boring) text at the top and a link to download content or a receipt.

You may even have stepped away from this and have actually thought about asking people to LIKE your company or connect with you on linkedin. This is a start.

Below is one example of a thank you page being done right:


Phillip Parisis - Thank you touch me again

In the hubspot example above. They do a few things really well.

1)   The download is clear and its easy for you to download.

2)   Clear call to action to SHARE on social media or email. People need direction you direct them to share if not chances are they wont.

3)   Get them talking to your sales team – The offer for FREE demo is clear on the right hand side and the lead is super hot, take advantage of it.

4)   The Icons at the bottom keep them exploring the site and more interesting facts. Time on site builds rapport with clients.

On my last point I mention rapport. Building trust. Reciprocity is one of those social triggers that help visits become life long clients.

So the headline; Thank you, Touch me again is related to this post how? Well when your connecting with people (Yes believe it or not your website visitors are usual PEOPLE) you create certain touch points.

Touch points are usually sources of traffic. For example email, social media, face to face, TV, radio. All these facets are touching people physiologically. Pushing messages across to make them take certain actions.

Your thank you page should be considered a red hot touch point because the person is already engaged in what you have to say. All you need to do is touch them with the right information to point them in the next logical step of your marketing or sales funnel.