The Dog Ate My Conversion Rate Optimisation


Let’s get straight to business here…

If you do anything with conversion rate optimisation you either:

  1. Work for someone that owns a business that runs a website.
  2. Work for an agency that has clients that run websites
  3. Consult to businesses that have websites
  4. Run your own website.

At the end of the day whatever you’re doing it’s still work. Like everything there is hard work and easy work. Conversion rate optimisation comes in two flavours and it depends what part of the WORK you’re paid to do.

You have the digital producers/web developers that will make the changes the conversion rate optimisation experts have suggested.

Then you have the conversion rate optimisation experts that tell the designers what needs to be changed based on case studies, professional opinions and previous successful campaigns.

So what does any of the above have to do with the dog eating your conversion rate optimisation you may ask? Well one major factor is that we jump too early into the DEEP end of conversion rate optimisation without really sitting down and analysing exactly what the main objectives are.

When I discuss main objectives with clients it is not about the conversion rate optimisation, sales, profits or leads. It’s about the client’s hopes and dreams and usually their client’s hopes and dreams too.

When you really drill down to it, hopes and dreams is what makes the world go around.

Example owner of ABC Shoes (yes, it’s fictional) wants to be the largest online shoe retailer in Australia. They want to be the go to destination for all things shoes and they want to be online only and an exclusive brand.  With this hope and dream come the by-products being conversions, money, fame, profits and leads.

So what are their client’s hopes and dreams then? Well let’s think about it for a second? Why do you buy shoes?

You want to look presentable, it goes well with your suit or dress, and you feel a million bucks with a pair of shinny loafers or pumps or you may just want the shoes for exercise and work.

Their clients’ hopes and dreams are emotional, to an affect self-centred and present a need of filling a void (possibly fashion or just plain necessity) by purchasing shoes.

Discovering the hopes and dreams of people you need to convert opens the door to finding out what they fear and causes them anxiety.

Anxiety at the checkout is a major factor affecting shopping carts the world over and as conversion rate optimisation experts we need to focus on reducing anxiety and move them swiftly and peacefully through the buying phase.

Best-practice in conversion rate optimisation is bullsh#t! No one client or buyer is the same. So no one best practice will fit the situation of every person in the world.

But do you know what does produce results? WORK! That’s what.

Putting the hard yards into a conversion rate optimisation strategy at the beginning and getting to know the visitors you are trying to convert intimately will see you on your way to a successful CRO job.

So NO MORE EXCUSES!  Do the hope and dream research before you get started on the game-plan!

What is your experience with client hopes and dream? Comment below…

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