They F***ED SO MUCH, They bought it!


It’s a phenomenon!

Experts keep ‘informing‘ everyone to avoid it like the plague.

“Remove the anxiety and they will progress”  

There’s a lot of bullshit in the world of “conversion rate optimization”. There’s also a lot of honest-to-god intentionality, forethought, hard work and perseverance that goes into a shit load of testing and analysis.

Quick back-story:

Nobody every taught me about conversion optimisation. During my early days of working with the largest retailers in Australia it was obvious that selling online was as advanced as it got.

Things changed very quickly…

I saw it as my calling to be accountable for every visitor and every cent that was spent. Many hours, days, months, years were spent in analysis and OCDing over statistics, behaviours and customer conversions.

The one thing that became obvious (besides having no life at the time) was that psychology was the biggest player in all behaviours I was trying to measure.

One factor that always WORKED. ALWAYS… was FOMO.

That’s right…

The Fear of Missing Out

Let me ask you something… When was the last time you bought something because you know that you may miss out? Like a concert ticket of your favourite artists?

When was the last time you checked your Facebook?


It’s because we suffer from the phenomenon called FOMO!

I do it too… I suffer FOMO just as much as you…

So how do you use FOMO on our websites, landing pages and ecommerce sites I hear you ask?

Well here are 3 examples of sites doing it right!

Example 1: GILT.COM

Gilt is one of my favourite places to shop for discounted designer brands (no I’m not vain – I love bargains)

Gilt offers a weekly sale that lasts between 3 to 7 days. This is FOMO in itself and it’s the exact strategy that Groupon and the likes used successfully many moons ago.

The biggest element to Gilts FOMO appeal is how many of a certain product is in stock before totally sold out.

This alone has made me act more times than I want to admit, especially when the only product available is EXACTLY my size.

Is it a coincidence it’s my size?

Probably not…  but let’s not get stuck on the mechanics!


The next example is as easy as checking your email…

Example 2: email

Udemy offers online courses (if you have been living under a cyber rock) and I have been busy building an awesome conversion rate optimisation master class.

In the email I received the FOMO starts in the subject line and follows through into the content that I only have 12 hours left before I MISS out on the super special discount offer.


When I click on the email because I’m FOMOing hard (for this example anyway) I land on the page that continues the scarcity tactics.


Yes I did just say scarcity

FOMO and scarcity go hand it hand.

Scarcity is the strategy. FOMO is the physiological response.

Example 3 – shameless promo of my landing page for the 14-ecommerce conversion hack eBook – using a timer to create FOMO.


Let me know what you have FOMOED over by leaving a comment below!

The first person that leaves a comment with an example of FOMO wins a FREE one on one consultation with me for an hour…