The Culture of Working Long Hours Has To Change

Web professionals are well-known for their long working hours and in fact, this has become a culture nowadays. Most web professionals take great pride in their long working hours and talk about it as if it were a badge of honor. They either proudly claim to belong to the category of overworked people or they just love their work so much that they can never get enough of it and continue to work round-the-clock. These arguments and explanations are not plausible, the reason being that they just do not add up and make no sense whatsoever.

The most common reason that we hear from people is their claim of having too much work to do. The bottom line is that there will always be work as long as we have time for it. Working hard is not the best thing to do now; it is all about working smart. For example, a person who writes blogs, record podcasts, speaks at conferences, conducts online seminars, and heads the R&D department of a company sounds like someone who works 24 X 7. The truth is that the person strictly sticks with a regular 8-hour work day by keeping it exactly that way,

Being organized, getting enough rest, and staying motivated help you get a lot more work done in the shortest possible span of time when compared with burning the midnight oil. While there is a temporary thrill or high that you may experience with those occasional all nighters, a careful and closer review clearly proves that these were not your most productive days at work.

Confucius line of immortal wisdom ‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’ definitely holds true today. The fact is that this quote is a wee bit short sighted. For example, web entrepreneurs who have their rags to riches stories to talk about describe the ridiculous number of hours that they put in at work because they simply loved what they did. But, things are slightly different today and staying away from the web maybe more important that spending time on it. Being obsessed about anything spells danger. Spending quality time with friends and family and having a life has made people better web designers and incredible web developers. Work is not the only realm that you need to be conscious about and give your 100% to. People around you can also be incredible sources of inspiration and give you a valuable perspective that you tend to miss out on if you spend your entire time and life working, especially when you are freelancing.

Socializing with people who do not belong to the same industry, having a hobby, etc. are not important only for looking at the concept of work in a different light but also for sound mental and emotional health.