Part 2: What I Learned the Hard Way Building an eCommerce Site

what i learned building an ecommerce site

RESEARCHING MY ASS OFF Last week I launched a new series about my experience and ‘What I learned the hard way about building an ecommerce site’. Now let’s go back to where it all began… In February 2012, I was talking to a friend who had over the years started and managed many successful businesses.… Continue reading Part 2: What I Learned the Hard Way Building an eCommerce Site

What I Learned the Hard Way Building an eCommerce Site

What I Learned the Hard Way Building an eCommerce Site

Three years ago I felt the urge to do something different. At work, I’d slipped into neutral and was totally coasting along. Even in the world of digital marketing, there are just a finite number of ways to skin a cat. But I realised, that if I shook things up a little and did things… Continue reading What I Learned the Hard Way Building an eCommerce Site

They F***ED SO MUCH, They bought it!

It’s a phenomenon!
Experts keep ‘informing‘ everyone to avoid it like the plague.
“Remove the anxiety and they will progress”  
There’s a lot of bullshit in the world of “conversion rate optimization”. There’s also a lot of honest-to-god intentionality, forethought, hard work and perseverance that goes into a shit load of testing and analysis.

3 Ways To Score Big With 2014 World Cup Marketing

Ole ole ole ole not long now and the world will be captivated by the biggest sporting event which is held periodically every four years.
It’s a month of broken sleep, fingernails bitten back to bloody skin and office rivalries taking a turn for the worse as HR managers cringe.
For your business this is the perfect opportunity to get savvy with your marketing and treat the World Cup just like you would treat Christmas.
The opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and make some money…

Responsive Design – The only way forward is sideways

Conversion rate optimisation expert responsivedesign

What is responsive design?

I often get asked by clients, what are the best ways to insure my website supports mobile devices. The reply I use is quite simply that you have to ensure your site is built to support all devices no matter size, shape, platform, orientation or location.

Responsive web design is a design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices. That includes smartphones, Tablets and desktop computers.

Acquisitions Tab in Google Analytics and what it means for you

Aquistion Tab Google Analytics

You may have noticed in the last day that the TRAFFIC Sources Tab has changed name and added a few new reports to the Google Analytics experience.

According to Google Traffic sources in Google Analytics contains some of the most popular reports and are accessed daily by millions of users.

That’s why it was decided to add a few new key metrics to serve some of the most important elements for most users of analytics. Acquisitions.

Two new sub tabs join the freshly named Acquisition tab in Google Analytics

2013 Ultimate Holiday E-Commerce Success Checklist


Time is running out… People have already started buying Christmas gifts. So you don’t miss your fair share of the predicted 50+ billion dollar online holiday season you need to download and run through my 140 check boxed eCommerce success checklist right now. In the Ultimate Holiday E-commerce Success Checklist you will discover: Products Conversions… Continue reading 2013 Ultimate Holiday E-Commerce Success Checklist

The Dog Ate My Conversion Rate Optimisation


Let’s get straight to business here… If you do anything with conversion rate optimisation you either: Work for someone that owns a business that runs a website. Work for an agency that has clients that run websites Consult to businesses that have websites Run your own website. At the end of the day whatever you’re… Continue reading The Dog Ate My Conversion Rate Optimisation

I caught my fiancé showrooming, what should I do?


11am Saturday on a beautiful Sydney morning. I find myself walking through a department store in the city looking for a new couch. Surprisingly many people are out on a day like today, you would expect them to be at the beach or at least in the sunshine. Touching leather, moving on and sitting on… Continue reading I caught my fiancé showrooming, what should I do?